• DiplomaPlus.net
    A New Way to Think About Student Assessment


    How does a group of innovative, small high schools share curriculum, access Diploma Plus competencies and assess students in the 21st Century? A Class Drive suite of communication and curriculum tools is just the answer, and that is where the Commonwealth Corporation turned to help their Diploma Plus high schools.


    The Commonwealth Corporation created Diploma Plus as an alternative high school model focusing on small institutions. DP schools help at-risk kids get a new start with innovative strategies to engage students in learning while evaluating their proficiency against a set of sophisticated competencies.

    The challenge is how to connect these innovative high schools to each other and to the curriculum and core competencies of the Diploma Plus program. In addition, to provide these small high schools a tool for using the internet to improve their students' learning.


    Starting with the Class Drive suite of Communication and Curriculum Tools, 1000 Paces worked with the Commonwealth Corporation staff and the member schools to develop a system to facilitate the Diploma Plus philosophy.

    The result is DiplomaPlus.net, a customized Class Drive deployment that allows teachers to quickly build their coursework, connect it to state curriculum frameworks and Diploma Plus competencies, then digitally accept and assess student work. At the end of the cycle, report cards are generated based on the competencies, and Diploma Plus gets a wealth of data about their student population and its progress toward mastery.