• Design, Develop, Deliver

    1000 Paces creates next generation communication, collaboration, and learning platforms.Galaxy Tab in Dock

    1000 Paces specializes in: 

    • Helping institutions use Information Technology and the Internet to enhance student achievement, adult development and community success.
    • Providing leadership for the deployment of anywhere/anytime wireless learning environments.
    • Producing unique educational content in print and electronic media.
  • Google Apps

    How can web applications help schools save money on their technology costs? Setting up server hardware, maintaining it with technical staffing, and paying for software licenses adds up fast. Class Drive's integration with Google Applications can help reduce those costs.

  • Class Drive Connect

    Class Drive Connect is about convenience. Imagine sitting down each morning and accessing all your online tools with a single log in.  For example, if your school uses popular cloud applications like Google Apps or Moodle, Class Drive Connect can automatically sign you in to both when log in to your Class Drive account.